White Fillings

White Dental Fillings Cranbourne, Melbourne

Do you need a filling, but still want to retain the aesthetics of your nice, white smile?

Gone are the days when needing a filling meant you were likely to come home with a big, dark amalgam blob in your mouth; tooth coloured fillings enable you to maintain your beautiful white smile even if you require treatment.

What is a filling?

A filling is a restorative material used to artificially return the function and integrity to a tooth after decay. No longer is it necessary for unsightly amalgam (mercury) fillings to be used in dental treatment. Virtually invisible, tooth coloured fillings make your teeth appear whiter, brighter and healthier than before.

What are white fillings made from?

Modern white fillings are normally constructed of a composite resin material. The composite resin bonds well with your natural tooth structure, and also allows your dentist to retain more of your tooth than amalgam as only the decayed portion needs to be removed before the filling is placed.

Are white fillings suitable for all cavities?

Tooth coloured fillings are not only limited to new dental repairs, older restorations may also be replaced. These aesthetic materials will help give your smile a new lease on life.

In some cases where there is large amount of decay on one of your rear teeth, your dentist may suggest the use of an inlay or onlay instead of a white filling. Inlays and onlays are constructed of porcelain, and will also provide you with a very aesthetically pleasing result.

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