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Cfast offers Quick Braces Treatment

Want to make some small adjustments in your smile zone without taking a year or more out of your life to undergo orthodontic treatment? With Cfast you can get the results you need in a time that is convenient for you.

The smile is one of the most defining and striking features of the face, and at Beyond Dental in Cranbourne we understand how important teeth are in turning an endearing smile into a charming and welcoming grin.

Although orthodontic treatments are traditionally used to improve the appearance and function of your teeth by repositioning them, the orthodontic treatment approach is not so much to improve your smile, but to symmetrically align your teeth to improve your occlusion (bite).

This symmetrical bite is what we find so attractive and endearing about smiles and sometimes even teeth that are a fraction crooked or misaligned can disillusion this symmetry and hinder your smile.

Don’t let stubborn teeth ruin your confidence

Many patients come to our Cranbourne practice with concerns about their front rows of teeth – also known as the smile zone. These teeth are the most noticeable when we smile, and when we have imperfections in them it can seriously detract from the aesthetics of the smile. Smiling is one of the most confident and enjoyable things anyone can do, but in the event of unappealing aesthetic problems even the most confident person may forgo a smile. No one should feel the need to repress a smile; it is the most natural thing we can do. If you feel your smile is not up to par, then our Cfast treatment may be perfect for you.

An affordable, fast and discreet orthodontic treatment

Similar to traditional orthodontic treatments such as metal braces or clear braces, the Cfast aligners move your teeth in the same position using similar methods. The key difference between traditional treatments and Cfast is that Cfast ONLY focuses on straightening your front teeth! Cfast is a slowly moving, minimally invasive orthodontic treatment that is perfect for adults who are experiencing minor aesthetic alignment problems with their upper and lower front teeth – ‘The Social Six’. Using special nickel/titanium wires we can gently control your teeth and pull them into the desired position.

Change your smile and life in six months

The beauty of Cfast cosmetic tooth alignment treatment is that it takes a significantly shorter period of time to align your teeth. Traditional orthodontic methods are much more complicated and work to move all of your teeth into alignment, but Cfast only focuses on your smile zone to improve the appearance of your smile. Straightening your teeth can also significantly strengthen your teeth AND your occlusion because symmetrical teeth means when you eat and speak, the pressure is being evenly distributed through your teeth. At Beyond Dental in Cranbourne, we are all about smiles and we love to help patients improve theirs.

Cfast quick braces treatment Cranbourne

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