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ClearCorrect Clear Braces, are almost invisible aligners

In days gone by, orthodontic treatment meant wearing bulking, uncomfortable and very visible metal braces for anywhere up to several years. For many people, the thought of this put them off even considering the treatment. However, thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, it is now possible to undergo orthodontic treatment without a metal bracket or wire to be seen. In fact, the ClearCorrect treatment is so discreet, many people will never notice it.

What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment which uses a series of removable clear, plastic “trays” to gradually, comfortably, and almost invisibly move your teeth into their ideal position. Made of medical-grade polyurethane resin, ClearCorrect aligners do not contain any BPA or phthalates.

How does ClearCorrect work?

ClearCorrect gradually moves your teeth to their ideal position by placing gentle pressure on the teeth. You will wear each custom-made tray for around two weeks (you’ll receive specific instructions for each tray) before moving on to the next tray. You’ll receive a series of trays at each appointment with your dentist which you will progress through at the pre-designated times. This means you’ll need fewer appointments throughout your treatment.

At your initial consultation, your dentist will take impressions, photos and x-rays of your teeth. These will be sent to the ClearCorrect laboratory for your aligners to be custom-designed and manufactured. Once this is completed, your aligners will be sent to your dentist for you to begin treatment. Your dentist will monitor your progress at appointments about every six weeks, when you’ll also be given your next set of aligners.

Are there foods I can’t eat when undergoing ClearCorrect treatment?

No! This is one of the best features of the ClearCorrect treatment. As your aligners are removable, you simply take them out to eat, then replace them as soon as you are done. Because there are no brackets or wires, you don’t need to avoid certain foods; you can continue to enjoy your favourite foods throughout your treatment. Just don’t forget to put your aligners back in after eating.

How long does the ClearCorrect treatment take?

The length of your ClearCorrect treatment will be dependent on your unique circumstances. If you have a more complex case, your treatment will take longer. Your dentist will be able to give you a good idea of the treatment length your case would require at your consultation, and even show you the projected results.

Is ClearCorrect suitable for everyone?

Unfortunately, there are some cases which ClearCorrect will not be able to address. It is best suited to mild to moderate cases; severe cases often require metal braces. The best way to find out if ClearCorrect could be the right treatment for you is to request a consultation.

How long do I need to wear my ClearCorrect aligners each day?

One of the key factors in this treatment succeeding is compliance. If you don’t wear your aligners for long enough each day, your teeth won’t move, and the results can actually start to reverse. We recommend you wear your aligners for 22 hours each day. It’s best to only remove your aligners for meals, then brush and floss before re-inserting them.

Is ClearCorrect painful?

During your treatment, you’ll probably experience some discomfort in the first few days after moving to a new set of aligners; this means they are beginning to take effect. This should not last too long though, and they’ll soon become more comfortable. Each aligner is custom made to perfect fit your mouth, making them as comfortable as possible. If you progress to a new aligner too quickly, you may experience unnecessary discomfort; please stick to your schedule and talk to your dentist if you’re experiencing any problems.

Will ClearCorrect effect my speech?

Some people find that the aligners have a temporary effect on their speech early in the treatment, but most adapt to ClearCorrect quite quickly, and it is rare for any effect to last for an extended period.

How much does ClearCorrect cost?

The cost of your ClearCorrect treatment is dependent on your unique circumstances. There are so many variables! The only way to give an accurate projection of the cost of ClearCorrect is to attend a consultation.

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