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Dentures are removable false teeth which may be implemented if one or all of your teeth are missing. They may be attached to a plastic called acrylic, or a metal called cobalt.

Dentures can be made to closely resemble your natural teeth, so many other people will never even realise that you have false teeth. When you lose teeth, as there is no longer anything to make your lips and cheeks sit naturally, many people can become self-conscious about their appearance. Dentures will improve the look of your smile and help fill out the appearance of your face and profile. You should also find your speech and ability to eat improve dramatically.

Types of dentures

The style of dentures you require will depend on your current dental situation, and whether you need to replace all your teeth, one arch of teeth, or just a few teeth. Regardless of your needs, at Beyond Dental we will custom create your dentures to perfectly suit your unique requirements, and ensure they are comfortable and effective for your needs.

There are two main types of dentures: full and partial.

Conventional Full Denture

A conventional full denture is worn by patients who are missing all of their teeth in one arch (i.e. the maxillary (upper) or mandibular (lower) arch). In some patients, it may be necessary to replace all of both arches with two conventional full dentures.

Partial Denture

Partial dentures are for patients who are missing some of their teeth on a particular arch within the mouth. This style of denture retains the existing healthy teeth, filling in the gaps.

Are dentures comfortable?

While all dentures take some getting used to, today’s dentures are more natural looking and comfortable than ever before. We will work with you to ensure your custom-made dentures fit perfectly into your mouth, ensuring your comfort.

Benefits of dentures

If you are missing multiple teeth, simple tasks such as talking and eating can become difficult, and you can develop a prematurely sunken and aged appearance as your lips and cheeks are no longer being filled out by your teeth. Dentures improve your chewing ability and speech while providing support for facial muscles. On the outside, patients also see a dramatic transformation in the appearance of their smile and in their general attitude towards life.

How long do dentures last?

Most patients find one set of dentures will last them about 10 years. With time, it is inevitable that the dentures will wear, and your gums and pallet will change, meaning your old dentures no longer fit as comfortably as they once did.

Custom dentures Cranbourne

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